Injection molded plastic structure in two completely smooth pieces, without ribs, either top or bottom, with 100% polyester mesh for food use. Available in two models: H54 and H70.


Features of PVC pasta frames:

  • Zero the presence of wood particles and traces of aluminum in the product
  • Perfect mechanical rigidity
  • It does not release splinters during handling
  • It does not overcool when leaving the static dryers
  • Made completely smooth above and below to not mark the hands of operators in manual movements
  • Stackable, interchangeable and compatible with other frames in wood and aluminum
  • Injection molded in two unique pieces
  • Certificates to CE standards for contact with food
  • Used in BRC FOOD certified factories
  • Beveled end angles to avoid blockages in smoothness
  • Design designed to facilitate positioning during the automatic stacking phase
  • Sliding track for the correct overlap of the frame on the trolley
  • The frame has no openings or holes closed with plugs that could lead to the entry of harmful residues or loss of moving parts
  • The frame has no ribs that can mark the hands of the operators during the grip and manual handling
  • Designed and built to have excellent mechanical strength and high durability over time
  • Anti-hydrolysis food polyester mesh.

PVC frame for pasta to be dried
PVC frame for pasta to be dried
PVC frame for pasta to be dried

Model Dimensions Material
TPP54 mm 1200x600x54h POLYPROPYLENE
TPP70 mm 1200x600x70h POLYPROPYLENE